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Stinging Nettles: A Protection for New Beginnings

As I took a stroll in my backyard on the eve of Ostara and the new moon in Aries, I saw them again, their rugged sharp leaves and hairy spring arrives, so do the stinging nettles.

I'm immediately reminded of how repelled I was of these very same nettles last year. I remember planting coriander, basil and other herbs in my garden and loathing these weeds as they invade my seedlings. But this year, it has all changed.

The more my witchcraft practice grew, the more the plants speak to me. And what do the stinging nettles say you may ask?

They whisper words of protection, recovery, and their desire to help me burn away vibrations that might be draining to my vitality. They call on me to invoke the energy of the planet Mars and the zodiac sign of Aries. Stinging nettles are the true warriors of the herb kingdom.

Scientifically, their thorns contain hypodermics that will inject doses of stinging fluid to those who touch them, so yes, wearing gloves is advised when you're foraging these warrior herbs. However, these same irritating juice, when prepared properly, can become a mighty internal astringent that can eliminate infections in the blood and urine. They're excellent for treating colds and can also soothe rheumatic conditions.

After foraging a basket of stinging nettles on the Aries New moon, I set them on my altar and cherished them for their sacredness. That same evening I boiled them to kill off the sting, and made the most delicious pesto with pasta from these warriors. I'm truly honored.

In addition, I'll be using some Aries ritual oils , homebrewed, and other Aries crafts for my springtime spellwork to call in a magickal season.

Stinging Nettle in the Enchanted Herbarium

Scientific name: Urtica dioica

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Zodiac: Aries & Scorpio

Possible Powers: Protection, recovery, masculine energy, beginnings, removing negative energy

I hope that the stinging nettles finds you well and protects you on your path into the spring season.


Your Old World Witch, Tan

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