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Meet  Tanhathai  Kanjanasoon (Tan)

Tan is the founder and cosmick witch of Scent of the Sages






"Solve et Coagula" - it must be broken down before it can be rebuilt and renewed 


Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Art, Teaching, Magickal Crafts

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Tan synthesizes a variety of metaphysical and magickal tools to help clients on the path of inner alchemy. She sees the skin her clients must shed before rebirth into their personal freedom and ultimately creating collective freedom!

Tan works with her head, heart and hands, to heal and hold space for the alchemical process. She makes pastel paintings to symbolize the union of body and nature, and experiments with the fragrance of astrology.

It is her joy and purpose to live courageously on the path of self-renewal and she believes that with gentleness and love, everyone can do it too. 

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